Akira’s Strength (SYH Ch.14)

Strength or more like love.

Big thanks to Charlotte (RAWs), MadHatter (translations), Starfish (proofreading), and Zima (typesetting)! This is Starfish‘s debut in HPS!!! She’s done a lot of work here but SYH ch.14 is her first officially released chapter!

Welcome to the team, Starfish! Truly a kind person, looking forward to working with you more. ❤

Without further ado, we present you SYH Ch.14 straight out from the oven!


  • Th- this is still May 4th at my place ssssso i- i know we’re late in some countries bbbut!!!!!!!
  • So many things I wanna tell you about this chapter holy crap.
  • First of, this is a defining chapter of Aki&Kei’s relationship.
  • Akira’s love is showing so much I’m practically shaking by how bold her move is.
  • wait guys i just realized we only have 5 minutes more so not enough time to write but i swear pg.33 yOO “That would only increase from now on.” AND AKIRA’S SMILE????
  • HEY
  • this plan will work
  • heh

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