Please Kei, Really?! (SYH Ch.16)

Whoooohoooo here we go! Ch.16 is ready to be read!


Big thanks to MadHatter (translation), Snowy368 (proofreading), Thiedes (cleaning), and Camy (typesetting)!

This is Thiedes’ first and last work in Huffly Parfait, despite not having any experience in cleaning RAWs before, he surely did a wonderful job in this project. Good luck with life, Thie!

This is Camy’s first project in Huffly Parfait! ❤ What a cheerful and kinda fella you are, Cam!!! A professional she is, it’s great to have you in the team. ^^ And can you guys believe this; she loves SFXs…… *GASP*

Welcome to Huffly Parfait, Camy!!!

  • Pg.14 wHOA CHOTTO MATTE———
  • Pg.11 Listen here, I’m telling you for sure and I know I’ve said this before; Akira’s love for Kei is SO BIG. Bigger than you can imagine.
  • and i’m thrilled for that.
  • whoa.
  • Pg.38 wHO ARE YOU.
2 Responses to “Please Kei, Really?! (SYH Ch.16)”
  1. thanks for the chapter

  2. liquid still the best says:

    thank you for this

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