Recruiting (Freelancer / Regular)

Greetings, everyone! Wow I did say I would disappear completely bUT THE Thing is… Huffly Parfait is in danger state. Why? Because we have 0 Cleaner… and only 1 active Typesetter… *crying over the loss of Aini again* AINI…. I HOPE YOU’RE HAVING A GREAT LIFE RIGHT NOW *SOBS* ….sobs…. Whether you only want to … Continue reading

Happy Holiday! (JKJK Ch. 14)

Happy Holiday, everyone! Wow!!! Yes!!! It’s us!!! We’re back!!!! surprise!!! First of all, we’d like to apologize for the long update… If I were you, I’d have thought this scanlation group was dead because hellooooo 3 months yo. But if you happen to be someone who frequently check our tumblr, then you must have known … Continue reading

Happy Belated Valentine Day! (OuPuri 15)

Hello everyone! Fifteen days after the last release, today Ouji ka Prince Ch15 is finally here! Big thanks to Love-Manhwa (I’LL FOREVER BE YOUR FANS, LOVE-MANHWA!!!), Jay (Forever grateful too for you!), ForEternity (Our cute proofreader who still has much to learn ;)), and Aini (A cleaner who’s got a great ambition!), thank you so … Continue reading