The 3rd Volume is Here! (SYH Ch.7)

Arr arr! Now I can finally say for sure; between Aki and Kei-chan, Kei is more of the main character!!! SYH Ch.7 Big thanks to Charlotte (RAWs), Jay (translation), and Dottie (proofreading)!!! Thank you so much, Charlotte- for providing us vol.3 and 4! There are still many things to improve in our releases, and myself as the main editor in the … Continue reading

What (JKJK Ch.35)

Big thanks to Miyurin (RAWs), Jay (translation), Taz (proofreading), Yuu (cleaning), and Gurlnextd00r (typesetting)! Welcome to Huffly Parfait Scans as a Typesetter, Gurlnextd00r!!!!!!!! ❤ Hope you enjoy your stay with us. 🙂 JKJK Ch.35 *starts singing* happy bIRTHDAY, LOVELY YEON-HOOOOOO. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!! imagine when, in the future, all the bad things finally happen … Continue reading

In Their 34 (JKJK & Metronome)

Ha! It was my dream to release two series within the same chapter-number. And now it has been realized. #StartWithASmallDreamMyFriend (Not to mention that both titles come from Korea) Big thanks to Jay and keksi (translations), Snowy368 and Taz (proofreading), and Yuu (cleaning)!!! I think this is the first time Taz making her debut in … Continue reading