Metronome is On Hold

Due to lack of RAWs, we’re going to put Metronome on hold until we get new RAWs (unknown time). If someone is interested in taking over the project, we would appreciate it so much if you contact Huffly Parfait Scans beforehand. If any of you is capable in getting the RAWs, then please contact us. … Continue reading

Discord Channel

Hi, guys! Yay finally I understand how to use this app. (LOL) Invite link: Talk about anything! Feel free to ask us about project status, RAWs source (no we still won’t share you the RAWs haha), project suggestion, and things you can’t normally ask us outside our discord channel! See you there! Huffle/theusagimitchell


CLICK HERE Hey, everyone! We created a survey to know about your opinion of Huffly Parfait Scans so far! We’ve never made this before, so we wish with our new attempt, we can improve our scanlation more and listen to your suggestion even better. Your answer means a lot to us…! We understand that it … Continue reading