A Calling for YUxYH’s Dad Shipper (JKJK Ch.28)

AAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAI can’t believe JKJK has come to be liKE THIS. Was it your purpose all along, Author-san?!!!!! Because if that’s the case, tHEN YOU DID IT SUCCESSFULLY. IT IS HARD NOT TO SHIP THEM TOGETHER. Or perhaps, for some people, such thoughts haven’t even crossed their mind. And maybe, by reading this post, … Continue reading

D-Three = Two-Releases

Greetings, everyone! WHOOHOOO so happy to be back in the Countdown-Xmas event again! In case anyone wondering why I said; “again”, that’s because last year, Huffly Parfait also made a similar event. The only difference is that we started the event D-5 Xmas. …Don’t blame me, it’s holiday already now but my days are still … Continue reading

Huffly Parfait x Manga Forums Collaboration!

Greetings, everyone! How do you do? Huffly Parfait Scans is back with a new great news! ^^ Manga Forums, a manga-reader site is now having collaboration with Huffly Parfait Scans! Whoooohooo, what a surprise I say! Since HPScans doesn’t have our own reader, Manga Forums will now host our releases as soon as we release … Continue reading