New Year’s Eve Releases (SHY 3 + TFPC)

Greetings, everyone! EYYY SO HAPPY THAT IT’S ALMOST 2018!!! yes. yEESSS…………!!! What are you looking forward the most in 2018? My favorite game is gonna be released in 2018 (if there is no delay, that is), so I TOTALLY am looking forward to it! Without further ado, here is Saraba Yoki Hi Ch.3 and a … Continue reading

メリクリ!!! Happy Holiday!!! (JKJK Ch.27)

YES. TWO CHAPTERS TO GO!!! I mean, do you remember my promise to release at least 8 releases in December? Well actually, this is our 6th release! So-! YES! Expect two more releases before January comes! So no, it’s not JKJK which only has 2 chapters left hahaha. It’s the holy day! HOLI-DAY!!!! What are … Continue reading

Surprise Not Surprise (JKJK Ch.26)

Hi. JKJK Ch.26 Read Online Big thanks to Miyurin (RAWs), Jay (Translation), Dottie (Proofreading), and Shiirry (Cleaning). Bye.