Confession Time <3 (YMY Ch.5)

YAAAAAAS!!! The final chapter of volume 1!! It’s here!!!! Greetings, everyone! Finally! Like- really, finally. A new chapter of Yomogi Mochi Yaketa is released- today!!!!! We’re not abandoning this series at all-!! It’s just… we only got the chance to proceed Ch.5 recently… We’re so sorry!!! I like this series btw!!! Big thanks to Love-manhwa … Continue reading

Hong-Chan-Gyu Here and There (JKJK Ch.18)

Because I really lost count just how many times HCG name is called in this chapter. AND YAY FOR ANOTHER RELEASE IN THE SAME MONTH!!! sobs hard bcs it’s been so long since we did that. Big thanks to Miyurin (RAWs Provider), Jay (Translator), Smileyfacedtree (Cleaner), and AkaiKiseki (Typesetter)!!! Whoot same people worked on ch.17&18!! … Continue reading

Is This Jealousy? Of Him- or Her?! (JKJK Ch.17)

15/5! What a beautiful date it is! Hello, everyone! We’re back again with JKJK Ch.17!!! Yes, finally! I know, doodes. I know. I can’t believe it took us this long to release this amazing chapter but man, the past 8 weeks have been… har(sh)d for me so I deeply apologize for the long wait-! Big … Continue reading