Celebrating 500+ Followers on Tumblr! A New Project by Akaneda Yuki!

Good day, everyone! First of all, we’d like to express our gratitude for the readers who follow us on tumblr and/or wordpress. Thanks to you, we have the confidence to take a new series! Saraba, Yoki Hi by Akaneda Yuki About the author… Akaneda Yuki is widely known as Fumino Yuki. So far she has … Continue reading

A New Series! ReRe Hello is Here! (RRH Ch.29)

Eeeeeeeh what’s with the chapter’s quality? Why is it like that? HA HA HA if I were you, readers, I surely would have thought that. Especially because the previous chapters’ qualities were like in goddess-level that no matter how perfectionist I am when it comes to scanlation work, I simply can’t go to that level. … Continue reading

About Yeon-Ho’s Mom’s Death (JKJK Ch.24)

Hello, everyone! We’re back again with JKJK! YOOOO WE GOT THE DETAILS ABOUT YH’S M’S DEATH FROM YH’S POINT OF VIEW!!! Snowy told me about this before I started typesetting the chapter, thankfully- she didn’t give me any spoiler ❤ You’re totally such a great buddy! Don’t give too much hope, though… By the way. … Continue reading