The New Chapter is Finally Here (YMY Ch.9)

*PHEW* At the very least, it’s still 10/6 in LA. Speaking of LA, I’m so disappointed because my fav game is getting delayed to 2019… This makes me so hungry!!!!! YMY Ch.9 Big thanks to Scarletton (translation) and Snowy368 (proofreading)! The beginning of Ookouchi Arc is here! The love triangle can also be smelled in … Continue reading

The Last Chapter of Vol.2 (SYH Ch.6)

Argh… Please tell me it’s still 8/6 at your place… We’re so sorry! We planned to release this chapter on 8/6, but I’ve been busy ever since the beginning of this week so I only just touched this chapter a few hours ago. We deeply apologize..! Big thanks to Jay (translation), Dottie (proofreading), Aini (cleaning), … Continue reading

6/6 Yearning (SYH Special Chapter)

One more chapter till the end of Vol.2! Wow. It sure is fast. Big thanks to Jay (translation), Dottie (proofreading), Aini (cleaning, AIINIIII……. this is her work from ages ago *sobs*), and  Charlie (typesetting CHARLIEEE!!!) I don’t have much to say, it’s just- Aki really loves her brother so much… SYH – Yearning