Haha Young-Un What Have You Done (JKJK Ch.25)

HIIIII GUUUUYYYSSS YOOOO WE”REEEE BBBBAAACKKKK AHHHHHHAHAHAHHAHAHA IM SO SO SO SO HAPPY. Without further ado, here is JKJK Ch.25 that you TOTALLY have been waiting for! JKJK Ch.25 Read Online Big thanks to Miyurin (RAWs Provider), Jay (Translator), Snowy368 (Proofreader), Shiiry (Cleaner), and AkaiKiseki (Typesetter)!!!!!!!! We finally released Ch.25, guys. Guys I’m so proud of … Continue reading


Due to our staff’s studies, Huffly Parfait Scans will be away until late-November. Here is the list of our future releases: JKJK Ch.25 – 11/30/2017 YMY Ch.8 – 12/2/2017 Saraba, Yoki Hi Ch.2 –12/5/2017 We’re aiming for (at least) 8 releases in December to make up for our slow update during these few months. Please … Continue reading

Dropping ReRe Hello

Greetings, Readers! We’d like to inform you that as of now, Jae Scans and Huffly Parfait Scans will no longer work on ReRe Hello. We noticed that aside from Chibi Manga, there’s another scanlation group who picked up this series too. The quality of the RAWs is certainly better than the one we’re using, so… … Continue reading