JKJK Ch.16

Hullo, Today we have JKJK Ch16 for you. We’ve been working on the editing part ever since 3 months ago but ha ha god has to forbid me to open ao3 so that I can continue doing scanlation work. Thank you to my friend who helped me typesetting this chapter! Aaaaand the greatest part is … Continue reading

Running In A Circle (JKJK Ch15)

You’ll know why I named this post like that once you read the very last page of this chapter. Now I’m starting to be able to read the pattern of this series tbh. Alrighty, guys! Today we have JKJK Ch.15 for you!!! Yay!!! (The Official says this is Chapter 16 and in my PC folder … Continue reading

Finale (Ouji ka Prince Ch.23)

Good day, everyone. Today, on the day of Chinese New Year, the beginning of Rooster year, we present you- the last, but not least, chapter of Ouji ka Prince by Toumori Miyoshi; Ouji ka Prince Ch. 23 Read (tumblr) This series ended here, although there’s a special chapter after Ch.23, but since I have not … Continue reading