Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago

By Lee Ki Ha



Young-un is a beautiful girl who dates and dumps guys easily, and Yeon-ho is a strange boy with a dark past who makes her feel something different…


Chapter 1 : Box | GD
Chapter 2 : Box | GD
Chapter 3 : Box | GD
Chapter 4 : Box | GD
Chapter 5 : Box | GD

Chapter 6: GD
Chapter 7: GD
Chapter 8: GD
Chapter 9: GD

Chapter 10: GD
Chapter 11: GD
Chapter 12: GD
Chapter 13: GD
Chapter 14: GD

Chapter 15: GD
Chapter 16: GD
Chapter 17: GD
Chapter 18: GD
Special Chapter: GD

Chapter 20: GD
Chapter 21: GD
Chapter 22: GD
Chapter 23: GD

Chapter 24: GD
Chapter 25: GD
Chapter 26: GD
Chapter 27: GD
Chapter 28: GD
Chapter 29: GD

Chapter 30: GD
Chapter 31: GD
Chapter 32: GD
Chapter 33: GD
Chapter 34: GD
Chapter 35: GD
Chapter 36: GD
Chapter 37: GD
Chapter 38: GD

Chapter 39: GD
Chapter 40: GD
Chapter 41: GD
Chapter 42: GD
Chapter 43: GD
Chapter 44: GD
Chapter 45: GD
Chapter 46: GD
Chapter 47: GD

Chapter 48: GD
Chapter 49: GD
Chapter 50: GD
Chapter 51: GD
Chapter 52: GD
Chapter 53: GD
Chapter 54: GD
Chapter 55: GD
Chapter 56: GD
Chapter 57: GD
Chapter 58: GD
Chapter 59: GD

Chapter 60: GD
Chapter 61: GD
Chapter 62: GD
Chapter 63: GD
Chapter 64: GD
Chapter 65: GD
Chapter 66: GD
Chapter 67: GD
Chapter 68: GD
Chapter 69: GD
Chapter 70: GD
Chapter 71: GD
Chapter 72: GD
Chapter 73 (END): GD

56 Responses to “Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago”
  1. Rhine says:

    Title is weird but the story is really good so far or at least it’s intriguing enough to rouse my interest. Thanks for choosing to scan this manhwa. Wouldn’t have known it existed and the art is really pleasing to the eyes so far =) so many good looking people haha

    • HuffleP says:

      Haha, we hear that often! Actually we’re kinda wondering if maybe we should use the Korean title instead… =/ Aww, you’re welcome! This has become one of my fav manhwa too. Hope you’ll enjoy the following chapters!

  2. somemango says:

    Could you post a summary of this title so it helps people here and on batoto please.

  3. Megi Birdy says:

    It’s really a wonderful manga, great job and thank you for doing it 🙂 I would love to know when the other release will be… Thanks again ^^.

  4. Alexa H. says:

    Will you be posting the new chapters 5&6 for JKJK on sites like mangahere and mangafox or how is uploaded there? I hope I can see it in one of those sites soon. Anyhow, thank you and the sponsor who will help continue this manhwa… Forever grateful! 🙂

    • HuffleP says:


      I’m sorry to say this- but I dislike MF and MH in particular, so of course I have no interest in uploading the chapters there.

      For your information, I even have no idea how to upload to MH. As far as I know, the staffs there are the ones fully in charge in uploading the chapters (done by scanlations) (they never ask for permission to upload the chapters online, but well- neither any sites ask for permission).

      But fear not, whether I do/not upload the chapters to the said sites, the chapters WILL surely be uploaded there. 🙂 Or if you want to read it online as soon as we release the chapter, we always upload the chapter on our tumblr (http://huffly-parfait.tumblr.com)

      Have a good day! ❤

  5. issac says:

    can you translate the chapter 7? its really good that i want to read the next chapter. but still thanks to you i have another favorite manga like this. Fighting, i hope you can release another chapter soon because its been over one month from the last chapter :’ {

    • HuffleP says:

      Wait, do i know you? Oh. You contacted us once.

      Thanks for the support word. We need help in translation and RAWs, maybe you’re interested to help us? 😏

  6. El_Zoro says:

    I was reading this manhwa on Mangafox, I did a bit more research and saw you guys had more scanned chapters. I was wondering how I would be able to access these and read them? Thank you!

    • HuffleP says:

      Click the link(s) above, they’ll lead you to Google Drive. Download the file (RAR) and extract them. (-:

      • El_Zoro says:

        It doesnt seem to work for me, but thank you!

      • El_Zoro says:

        The next three chapters just appeared on Mangafox…not sure if it was you guys but thank you if it was!! ❤

      • HuffleP says:

        Noo it should have worked… Many people downloaded it, though. Not sure what to do if it doesn’t work with you. 💦 The one who uploaded the chapters to MF couldn’t have been me! As I hate MF/MH, so that’s impossible. 🙂 But glad you can read the chapters!

  7. Hanbin says:

    Thank You for your work. Keep fighting for next chapter. :))

  8. Vivretatsu says:

    I absolutely love this manhwa! It’s rare with likeable heroines like this one ❤ Thank you for translating and I can't wait for the next chapter (well I'll wait anyway)

  9. Sol says:

    Thanks so much for the update! Legit freaked out, it’s one of my fave. Do you need another translator for this? I would love to help!

  10. jaja says:

    damn! so love this manhwa! I wish I can see raw scans from ch 14 onwards. anyways THANK YOU GUYS u r so amazing!!!

  11. nina says:

    thank you so much for the great work, keep on 🙂

  12. Rocky says:

    Are you working on ch. 14 right now?

  13. luhhhhhh says:

    Discovered this today and binge-read it! Happy to say that I love it ❤ thanks for your hard work btw. Looking forward for the next update 🙂

  14. Jess says:

    Whaaa I love the art & story! Can’t wait for next chapt~

  15. woonniiee says:

    when is chapter 16 coming out *.* ??

  16. Yasminlol says:

    i wish i could help you with manhwa but i can’t do anything. That’s why thanks for translating this manhwa i know it’s really hard to translate,edit and so on… that’s why thank you! 🙂 and one question are you going to translate chapter 17?

  17. Meshaa says:

    Thank you soooooooo much for your hard work ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and I’m waiting ch 18 and all the chapters so please please don’t be late 😭😭😭 I really like this manga very much 😞❤️

  18. Julsicles says:

    Waah author please updateee the story is great so far!! Weve been waiting for it!! 😽😽

  19. Cath says:

    how can i download the chp 18 and cpecial chapter?

  20. mjunkie says:

    I love this manhwa, thank you so much for your hard work guys❤ If you’re still in need of a proofreader, feel free to email me. I’d be happy to help out 🙂

  21. Hanbin says:

    Thank you for your translating. I’m waiting for next episode.

  22. Minah says:

    Sooo it doesn’t work on mobile phone.. ㅠㅅㅠ

  23. rahma says:

    I like this manhwa 😍😍… I even wait for months to read a chapter, so I look for it here there are already 23 chapters.. although I do not understand english but I like,, finally I can find it. thanks to the translator.I want to help but I can not do anything because that once again thank you already want to translate it,I am very grateful and also sorry if my language is not regular😂😂 because I’m still in help google translation

    • HuffleP says:

      Thank you so much for your message! We really appreciate your efforts on trying to communicate with us by going as far as using google translate…! It means a lot to us. ❤ Do subscribe our website so you can be notified when a new JKJK chapter comes out. ^ ^

  24. Minggo says:

    Please update JKJK~ i really love this manhua😭😭 and i really do appreciate your efforts and works for translating it..

    • HuffleP says:

      We’ll update it when we hate time to do that. 🙂 Ch. 25 will be updated around late-November. It’s been weeks since the last time I got enough&restful sleep so bear with us!

  25. Miki_aigo says:

    Thank you a lot for your hard work, i really appreciate the time that you put into these translations !
    I was also curious to know how you get these raws ?

    • HuffleP says:

      Thank you so much! We get the RAWs mostly from a RAW-provider named Miyurin, she contacted us before that she’s willing to provide us the RAWs (she buys it online, the soft copy version, not the hard copy). An angel she is if I must say.

  26. Cocolamoco says:

    I’m pretty late to this party but I’m so glad i found this Manhwa! And through an accidental pinterest search of NieR Automata images no less xD
    I adore the Young-un and Yeon-ho!

  27. Syipaa says:

    Why i cant download chap 62-73?
    The link doesnt show up

    Oh and thank you for your work:)

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