Starry☆Sky ~In Spring

By Yuzuya Haruhi (HoneyBee)


From Huffly Parfait Scans:
Perched atop a hill with a clear view of the stars, Seigatsu High School is a boarding school specializing in astronomy. The only girl enrolled in Seigatsu High School, Yahisa Tsukiko, lived an idyllic life alongside her two childhood friends, Kanata and Suzuya.

Then one day, Tomoe Yoh arrived, transferring from France. From awkward beginnings, these four opened up to one another and grew to become irreplaceable best friends. But during the spring of their junior year, further changes have been blossoming within their relationship…


Chapter 01: Download
Chapter 02: Download

Kanata (part 1): Download
Kanata (part 2): Download
Kanata (part 3): Download

Suzuya (part 1): Download
Suzuya (part 2): Download
Suzuya (part 3): Download

Yoh (part 1): Download
Yoh (part 2): Download
Yoh (part 3): Download

2 Responses to “Starry☆Sky ~In Spring”
  1. yaoidaisuki says:

    Thanks for this project *O*

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