7th on 7/7 – Happy Anniversary! (Two Releases)

*RAAAAAAAAAAAAAWL* I’m so sAD. I’m so Happy. I’m so Grateful… Can’t believe it’s been 7 years since I created Huffly Parfait in 2012… As always, thank you for everyone who has stayed with Huffly Parfait up until now! Also, thanks to our discord server, I got to meet a lot of passionate readers/people who brighten … Continue reading

Huffly Parfait Scans 2017 Survey Result

Survey Result Did you participate in the survey? Are your answers listed there? Or do you simply want to know what 77 readers of ours say to us? Check it out! *Contains 5 sheets : General | Frequency | Scans Quality | Impression | Other Stuffs Thank you so much for your participation!

2 Years With 2 Princes (Ouji ka Prince Ch.24)

Greetings, Readers! I assure you, this is purely coincidence. September 5th 2015 turns out to be the day when we first released/picked up Ouji ka Prince (that was OkP Ch.7), and now… on the 5th Sept of 2017- the very last chapter of Ouji ka Prince is released. Ouji ka Prince Ch.24 Read Online Happy … Continue reading