About Yeon-Ho’s Mom’s Death (JKJK Ch.24)

Hello, everyone! We’re back again with JKJK! YOOOO WE GOT THE DETAILS ABOUT YH’S M’S DEATH FROM YH’S POINT OF VIEW!!! Snowy told me about this before I started typesetting the chapter, thankfully- she didn’t give me any spoiler ❤ You’re totally such a great buddy! Don’t give too much hope, though… By the way. … Continue reading

The Last Chapter of Vol.5 (JKJK Ch.23)

Hello, Readers! JKJK Ch.23 is here! As you can see from the title, this is the last chapter of Vol.5. Which means~~~~ You get to see another special pages from Lee Ki ha! YeAY!! She’s such a funny person… I always enjoy reading her comments, so I hope you guys feel the same way too! … Continue reading

Either a Workaholic or an Alcoholic (JKJK Ch.22)

Greetings, Folks! So who’s surprised to see another JKJK release in the same month-? I SURELY AM! I decided to handle the typesetting part of this chapter (on my whim, idk why) but can’t believe I could finish it within a day???? This is probably the fastest typesetting+QCing work I’ve ever done in months… HP … Continue reading