Misunderstandings (JKJK Ch.29) + News (Again YEAWP)

EYYY you guys don’t worry I wAS JUST KIDDING. Some of you might have realized it, though. YUxHJ is not happening, YU was just feeling guilty about what she did to HJ, so… Yeah. Read this chapter to find out what happens next. (-; JKJK Ch.29 Read Online Big thanks to Miyurin (RAWs), Jay (Translation), … Continue reading

A Calling for YUxYH’s Dad Shipper (JKJK Ch.28)

AAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAI can’t believe JKJK has come to be liKE THIS. Was it your purpose all along, Author-san?!!!!! Because if that’s the case, tHEN YOU DID IT SUCCESSFULLY. IT IS HARD NOT TO SHIP THEM TOGETHER. Or perhaps, for some people, such thoughts haven’t even crossed their mind. And maybe, by reading this post, … Continue reading

メリクリ!!! Happy Holiday!!! (JKJK Ch.27)

YES. TWO CHAPTERS TO GO!!! I mean, do you remember my promise to release at least 8 releases in December? Well actually, this is our 6th release! So-! YES! Expect two more releases before January comes! So no, it’s not JKJK which only has 2 chapters left hahaha. It’s the holy day! HOLI-DAY!!!! What are … Continue reading