Aki is Back (SYH Ch.9)

Yooooooooo I’m so happy that more people read Saraba Yoki Hi! Thank you so much. thANK YOU FOR BEING MY PARTNER IN CRIME FOR SYH!!!! Also, so many people worked on this chapter! Seriously, you guys are awesome! Big thanks to Charlotte (RAWs), Jay ; SakuraMist ; Hats (translation), Dottie (proofreading), and Nurofen (cleaning)! This … Continue reading

WHHYYYY?!?!?!?!? a.k.a. The Chapter That Has Makishima In It is The Best Chapter (SYH Ch.8)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS CHAPTER BREAKS MY HEART, THOUGH????????????????? …*sigh* Big thanks to Charlotte (RAWs), Jay (translation), and Dottie (proofreading)! It’s been awhile since the last time I (as the QC) handled a chapter very thoroughly. Hope this chapter worth the wait! SYH Ch.8 I feel like there’s something wrong with the Mom. Or maybe not. Or … Continue reading

The 3rd Volume is Here! (SYH Ch.7)

Arr arr! Now I can finally say for sure; between Aki and Kei-chan, Kei is more of the main character!!! SYH Ch.7 Big thanks to Charlotte (RAWs), Jay (translation), and Dottie (proofreading)!!! Thank you so much, Charlotte- for providing us vol.3 and 4! There are still many things to improve in our releases, and myself as the main editor in the … Continue reading