Confession Time <3 (YMY Ch.5)

YAAAAAAS!!! The final chapter of volume 1!! It’s here!!!! Greetings, everyone! Finally! Like- really, finally. A new chapter of Yomogi Mochi Yaketa is released- today!!!!! We’re not abandoning this series at all-!! It’s just… we only got the chance to proceed Ch.5 recently… We’re so sorry!!! I like this series btw!!! Big thanks to Love-manhwa … Continue reading

“Eh?” (YMY Ch. 4)

Once you read this chapter you’ll know why this post is titled like that. Hello! Today, we have Yomogi Mochi Yaketa Ch. 4! It’s been so looooong since we debuted this series…! This chapter is actually my fav bECAUSE KOSHIBA KIRI (from Beauty Pop, made by the same mangaka) SHOWS UP ON THIS CHAPTER SDBSAFNEWCNEI … Continue reading

New Project! A Comedy/Romance/School Life Shoujo Manga~! <3

Great day, everyone! Huffly Parfait is here again with a new project!!! Want to guess what series it is? Or maybe… by just looking at the featured-image, you could already point out the title? Weeeeeell—– a clumsy protagonist she is, we’ll have Yomogi as the main female character of Yomogi Mochi Yaketa? !!! This manga … Continue reading