Please Tell Me It’s Still Dec2 At Your Place (YMY Ch.8)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO………….. I FAILED. I FAILED YOU ALL… It’s not even Dec2 at my place, anymore… but- BUT At least it’s still, in Las Vegas. Without further ado, here is Yomogi Mochi Yaketa Ch.8!!!!!!!! YMY Ch.8 Read Online Big thanks to Scarletton (Translation) and Snowy368 (Proofreading)!!! The rest me did it bcs me too panicked to … Continue reading

What is ‘a Deep Bond’? (YMY Ch.7!)

Greetings, Readers!!! AYYEAAAY I’M SO HAPPY THAT WE GOT TO RELEASE ANOTHER YMY CHAPTER! I hope there are many of you who follow this series! (bcs Gosh I started reading this series years ago and idk I just got the humors you see??? But lately I’ve been doubting my past-self whether “wow seriously was my … Continue reading

That’s Solved Pretty Fast

Hey, everyone! We’re back with Yomogi Mochi Yaketa Chapter 6. Enjoy reading this chapter! Yomogi Mochi Yaketa Ch.6 Big thanks to Scarletton (Translation), Snowy368 (Proofreading), Aini (Cleaning), and AkaiKiseki (Typesetting)! Starting onward I’m gonna be in charge of the RAWs. Ahh, but yeah somehow we haven’t used the donation money, though. ^^; Hope you like … Continue reading