Amusement..Park (JKJK Ch.62)

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YH’s Redemption (JKJK Ch.61)

IT’S!!! TIME!!! FOR!!! HIS!!! REDEMPTION!!! WHOOOHOOO Big thanks to Love-Manhwa and Miyurin (RAWs), keksi (translation), Shinasa (proofreading), Bones and DatCrazyAzn (cleaning), and Camy (typesetting)! I APOLOGIZE to both Bones and Azn, I accidentally assigned this chapter to both of you…!!!! I’m so sooooorry ;A; But really, you both did such an amazing job! Download HAVE … Continue reading

Young-Un. You Really Said It Now… No Turning Back, Huh. (JKJK Ch.60 – Vol10)

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