So What was His Name Again? (Metronome Ch30)

He told us his name was Onyu So I thought there was two Onyus But then he says his name is Kang-JunHu So there you go his name is Kang-JunHu But of course you can see from his book it is named Noh-Onyu So what was his name again? Hi, everyone! Has it been a … Continue reading

Metronome Ch.29 (omg yes we’re obsessed)

OK more like Huffle is obsessed with this series sO WE JUST KEEP releasing this series yup that’s so right I agree I confess. Download I can’t believe Cuckoo is that sly… *sobs* Big thanks to Jay for your hard work!!! JAY TRANSLATED THIS CHAPTER ONLY WITHIN +/- 30 MINUTES I’M SO A M A … Continue reading

New Project – Metronome by Lee WonJin

Another new project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully this will last until the end of the series… Yandere guy… i lOVE YAndERe gUY. Another webtoon series after My Dream My Work! Can’t believe we got to taste webtoon again. ❤ We got a request from an Anon to translate this series, I was studying when I read her(/his) ask. … Continue reading