Discord Server is No Longer Available

Thank you for having participated in Huffly Parfait’s discord server! It was fun when it lasted. Sadly, though, we gotta part our ways (nOW?!?!? Yes, well…) Have a good day,Huffle

A “New” Project – Yamada Tarou is Back! & Project Goals

After five long years, after having made the hard decision to drop the series, after all have come and gone by, now…. We’re here to bring you a delightful news, for Yamada Tarou Monogatari is b a c c c c c !!! A translator has come to the rescue! Clubhonda is here to help … Continue reading

Metronome is On Hold

Due to lack of RAWs, we’re going to put Metronome on hold until we get new RAWs (unknown time). If someone is interested in taking over the project, we would appreciate it so much if you contact Huffly Parfait Scans beforehand. If any of you is capable in getting the RAWs, then please contact us. … Continue reading