2 Years With 2 Princes (Ouji ka Prince Ch.24)

Greetings, Readers! I assure you, this is purely coincidence. September 5th 2015 turns out to be the day when we first released/picked up Ouji ka Prince (that was OkP Ch.7), and now… on the 5th Sept of 2017- the very last chapter of Ouji ka Prince is released. Ouji ka Prince Ch.24 Read Online Happy … Continue reading

Finale (Ouji ka Prince Ch.23)

Good day, everyone. Today, on the day of Chinese New Year, the beginning of Rooster year, we present you- the last, but not least, chapter of Ouji ka Prince by Toumori Miyoshi; Ouji ka Prince Ch. 23 Read (tumblr) This series ended here, although there’s a special chapter after Ch.23, but since I have not … Continue reading

One More… (Oupuri Ch22)

Greetings! Don’t be surprised, I just happened to be free today so two releases within 6 hours is possible. 🙂 Without further ado, we present you Ouji ka Prince Ch. 22!!!!!!! The next chapter is gonna be the the last one! …or maybe not. Can’t wait to see the ending of this series…! </3 Big … Continue reading