Yoh’s Part (SSiS)

I’m out of idea for the title hahahahaha Download Big thanks to Banana Ice (RAWs), MadHatter (translations), and Ghostboy (cleaning)!!! WHOOOOHOO CAN’T BELIEVE WE ARE ABLE TO RELEASE YOH’S CHAPTER. THANK YOU MADHATTER!!!!!!! You always come to the rescue… *sobs* I’m so… so grateful. THANK YOU GHOSTBOY TOO!!! A help in cleaning is always very … Continue reading

Husbando Material (SS Suzuya P3)

Big thanks to Banana Ice (RAWs), Mio (translation), ShinAsa (proofreading), and DatCrazyAzn (cleaning)!!! Azn did such a great job here… I wouldn’t have realized that there were SFXs if I didn’t see the original RAWs. Whoa… Download This is the last part of Suzuya’s route. The next one will be Yoh’s! ❤ SUZUYA. IS. SERIOUSLY. … Continue reading

If Only I were You, Tsukiko… (SS Suzuya Part 2)

No kidding, though. Suzuya is everything that I look in a man. Big thanks to Banana Ice (RAWs), Mio (translation), ShinAsa (proofreading), Ghostboy (cleaning), and Zima (typesetting)!!! Whoa… So many people worked on this chapter… WELCOME TO HUFFLY PARFAIT, SHINASA & GHOSTBOY!!! A Proofreader and a Cleaner!!! We hope you’re enjoying your stay here! ❤ … Continue reading