au revoir (ILYB Ch.28)

Good day, everyone. The end has come. Within four months, we succeeded in bringing 19.5 chapters, this marks our fastest-to-end project ever. All of it, we couldn’t have done it without Myth, Thiedes, and Snowy. The three of them, who played very big roles in ILYB project, are a genius in their own respective job. … Continue reading

OK But There’s A Lot to Say (ILYB Ch.24-27)

Have we ever done this before…? Releasing 4 chapters (equals to 106+ pages) at once..? …My life span has definitely shorten greatly. Big thanks to Myth (translations), minar (proofreading), eighthseeds (cleaning), and, AGAIN, Myth (typesetting)!!! OMG. MYTH. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHY R U BEING SO DILIGENT IT’S ACTUALLY MAKING ME WANNA TEAR UP *SOBS* … Continue reading

SlooowwBuUurRNNN (ILYB Ch.22-23)

Big thanks to Myth (translations), Snowy368 (proofreading), eighthseeds (cleaning), and Reine (typesetting)! This will be Snowy’s last time proofreading ILYB, cUZ SHE’S NEEDED IN ANOTHER PROJECTS AS WELL *SOBS* and we have a new freelance-proofreader who can help us proofreading ILYB. Thank you for all your help, Snowy!!!! <3<3<3 kyaaaaaa Ch.22 | Ch.23 I just realized … Continue reading