Two Chapters Left (SYH Ch.12)

We’re on roll! …fornow. Big thanks to Charlotte (RAWs), Hats (translations), VoidDaddy (proofreading), and Nurofen (cleaning)! THE SFXS ARE TOO MUUUUUUUCH AAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Seriously Nurofen, you’re way too patient to clean all the sfxs… i.. cannot… lose… Chapter 12 THAT MOMENT WHEN MORI REALIZES MAKI’S FEELINGS TOWARDS KEIICHI SFHBDJFWLVLSDKJVNW YOOO SIGN ME UP! SIGN ME UP INTO … Continue reading

Picked-Up Series, Tsubakizaka Tricolor by Ike Junko is Back! (TT Ch.1)

*HEAVE-HO* WE’VE DONE IT GUYS. *GASPING* WE FINISHED TSUBAKIZAKA CH.1 *HAA* *HAA* *HAAHHAHAHAHA* One of our Monster projects™ ever since 2013 thank you very much. In case you were wondering, well- yeah the thing is, we released this manga as a oneshot, like, 6 years ago. We thought it was a oneshot! But turned out it … Continue reading

Welcome Vol.4 & Goodbye Vol.8 (SYH Ch.11 & JKJK Ch.47)

BIG NEWS!!! !!WE FINALLY FOUND OUT LEE KI HA’S TWITTER!!! Big thanks to Charlotte (RAWs), Hats (translation), VoidDaddy (proofreading), and Nurofen (cleaning) for their hard work on SYH Ch.11! Also, thank you so much, Hats, for lending us a hand to translate Saraba Yoki Hi!!! We couldn’t do it without you. ❤ Your translations are … Continue reading