Shiny Doll Ch3 and New Members!

I really should make a Kanda appreciation post. Hello! Here we go again with a new release! Shiny Doll chapter 3 is up to be read ~ ❤ Thank you so much for everyone’s hard work! That is Byunjing (our beloved Translator), Karashoney (our new Proofreader), RiverBlossom (our new Graphic Editor), and for people who … Continue reading

New Project! Shiny Doll by Ichinose Ruka!

Hello, everyone! We’re here to announce the release of our new project, Shiny Doll! We’ll be starting this project from chapter 2 onwards (hopefully, we hope more people will give us hands to keep this project going!). I say this manga is really great and ever since I started to work on the chapter, the … Continue reading