Missing Lin You So Much (PL Ch.3)

sHuT UP MiTcH!!!!!!!! Me: I miss LY i wanna see his face again i wanna read the story again leggo continue typesetting the chapter mitch u can do it leggo see ly again i know you want it My entire muscles joints energy within my body: keywords: procrastinating, January, 2020, lazyass, scanlator Big thanks to … Continue reading

Is It a Farewell? (Yoh Part 3)

Awwww man, shucks to know that this is the last Starry Sky in Spring chapter we currently have. We’ve looked around for the e-book version but couldn’t find it. There are 3 more chapters, each tells about the after-story of Tsukiko’s relationship with the three Male Leads. Big thanks to Banana Ice (RAWs), MadHatter (translations), … Continue reading

I Don’t Understand… Lin You is So Handsome… (PL Ch.2)

and the staff members are already fed up by how often I say this out loud. FINE, MAN. FINE. EVEN A 2D GUY IS HARD TO GET. Big thanks to Myth (translations), Snowy368 (proofreading), and Thiedes (cleaning)! Download Snowy: “he’s nicer here.” hE IS ACTUALLY A NICE GUY SNOWYYYY HE IIIISS!!! Welcome back from your holidaaaaay, … Continue reading