Foreshadow (JKJK Ch.66-67)

Big thanks to Love-Manhwa & Miyurin (RAWs), Snowy368 (proofreading), keksi (translation), DatCrazyAzn (cleaning), and Thiedes (cleaning&typesetting)! Ch.66 | Ch.67 Ch.66 rants Pg.03 wait how did he end up being shirtless like that Sang-Deuk: “I’ve been at work this whole time.” Hee-Jae: “nAnI?!” Pg.07 nO. GWON. IT’S NOT YH’S FAULT THIS TIME REALLY. *SCREECH* DON’T LOOK … Continue reading

99-1-9 Hee-Jae’s Arc (JKJK Ch.63-65)

I’m at loss for words hahaha naw man don’t even make me talk. Big thanks to Love-Manhwa and Miyurin (RAWs), keksi (translations), Snowy368 (proofreading), DatCrazyAzn and Ghostboy (cleaning), and Thiedes (typesetting and some redrawing)!!! All of us are confused, man. We are. Hahahhaha. Where are we headed? Only those who have read Vol.10 know the … Continue reading

The Judo Match (ILYB Ch.11)

“Whaaaat? Again???? You just released ch.10 hours ago!” Yes, apparently, Myth and Thiedes worked very fast on this chapter that the energy to release this was unbearably stronk for me too. Big thanks to Myth (translations) and Thiedes (cleaning)!!! Download Enjoy the chapter!!! I was surprised to see many people came to our discord server … Continue reading