Makishima is Now the Center (SYH Ch.4)

Greetings, beloved readers! Back with us again, Huffly Parfait Scans! Months have gone by without us releasing anything but Metronome, we’re now happy to announce that Huffly Parfait is back and will see you more often than… at least than a few months ago!!!!!!!!!!! Big thanks to Jay (translation), Snowy368 (proofreading), Aini (cleaning, this is … Continue reading

A New Series! Saraba Yoki Hi Ch.01~!

I thought the male protagonist reminded me of someone, why of course- it’s Fujinuma Satoru (WHAT THE HECK HUFFLE). Hello, Readers! As we have promised you, Saraba Yoki Hi by Akaneda Yuki (a.k.a. Fumino Yuki) is finally here! ……….*screaming* *sobbing* *sniffing* *heavy breathing* I still can’t believe Huffly Parfait Scans got to work on this … Continue reading

Celebrating 500+ Followers on Tumblr! A New Project by Akaneda Yuki!

Good day, everyone! First of all, we’d like to express our gratitude for the readers who follow us on tumblr and/or wordpress. Thanks to you, we have the confidence to take a new series! Saraba, Yoki Hi by Akaneda Yuki About the author… Akaneda Yuki is widely known as Fumino Yuki. So far she has … Continue reading