Husbando Material (SS Suzuya P3)

Big thanks to Banana Ice (RAWs), Mio (translation), ShinAsa (proofreading), and DatCrazyAzn (cleaning)!!! Azn did such a great job here… I wouldn’t have realized that there were SFXs if I didn’t see the original RAWs. Whoa… Download This is the last part of Suzuya’s route. The next one will be Yoh’s! ❤ SUZUYA. IS. SERIOUSLY. … Continue reading

If Only I were You, Tsukiko… (SS Suzuya Part 2)

No kidding, though. Suzuya is everything that I look in a man. Big thanks to Banana Ice (RAWs), Mio (translation), ShinAsa (proofreading), Ghostboy (cleaning), and Zima (typesetting)!!! Whoa… So many people worked on this chapter… WELCOME TO HUFFLY PARFAIT, SHINASA & GHOSTBOY!!! A Proofreader and a Cleaner!!! We hope you’re enjoying your stay here! ❤ … Continue reading

7th on 7/7 – Happy Anniversary! (Two Releases)

*RAAAAAAAAAAAAAWL* I’m so sAD. I’m so Happy. I’m so Grateful… Can’t believe it’s been 7 years since I created Huffly Parfait in 2012… As always, thank you for everyone who has stayed with Huffly Parfait up until now! Also, thanks to our discord server, I got to meet a lot of passionate readers/people who brighten … Continue reading