SYH 5 ; JKJK 30 ; Metronome 31!!! (HBD TO ME???)

I MUST BE A NARCISSIST TO PUT HBD TO ME IN THE TITLE BUT OK JUST LET ME, GUYS, LET ME. Big thanks to the staffs who have participated in the process of releasing these chapters! Twelve chapters in June, fighting everyone! SYH 5 | JKJK 30 | Metronome 31 Yomogi is not here with … Continue reading

So What was His Name Again? (Metronome Ch30)

He told us his name was Onyu So I thought there was two Onyus But then he says his name is Kang-JunHu So there you go his name is Kang-JunHu But of course you can see from his book it is named Noh-Onyu So what was his name again? Hi, everyone! Has it been a … Continue reading

Metronome Ch.29 (omg yes we’re obsessed)

OK more like Huffle is obsessed with this series sO WE JUST KEEP releasing this series yup that’s so right I agree I confess. Download I can’t believe Cuckoo is that sly… *sobs* Big thanks to Jay for your hard work!!! JAY TRANSLATED THIS CHAPTER ONLY WITHIN +/- 30 MINUTES I’M SO A M A … Continue reading