Re-Released (TT Ch.2)

Had been working on this one since Early-January. Shoujo’s screen tones are killing the editors. Big thanks to Hanya Shingyo (translations) and WildEagle&Snowy368 (proofreading)! They worked on this chapter in 2014! AkaiKiseki and me worked on the typesetting part back then. But now that Akai just quit the team a few weeks ago, on this … Continue reading

Picked-Up Series, Tsubakizaka Tricolor by Ike Junko is Back! (TT Ch.1)

*HEAVE-HO* WE’VE DONE IT GUYS. *GASPING* WE FINISHED TSUBAKIZAKA CH.1 *HAA* *HAA* *HAAHHAHAHAHA* One of our Monster projects™ ever since 2013 thank you very much. In case you were wondering, well- yeah the thing is, we released this manga as a oneshot, like, 6 years ago. We thought it was a oneshot! But turned out it … Continue reading