New Oneshot (WnSnH Ch2)

Good day, Readers! Today, we’re bringing you Watashi no Suki na Hito Chapter 2 by Kumaoka Fuyu! Plus, a new affiliation is made! Big thanks to iTwixie for the great help!!! If it’s not for her, we’re not sure whether we can keep this series going… </3 Thank you Rawmanga-scans2 (RAWs), Aini (Cleaning, thank you … Continue reading

When the Ship Is Sailing but It’s Not Your Ship…

Great day, everyone! Whooop! We’re back! Holiday is still going (well that’s me), how about you? Today, we’re bringing you a NEW PROJECT (OH YEEEESSSS), and of course- we couldn’t have done it without our (new) staffs! Thank you so much for Ryan for the translation (THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK! Ryan worked so … Continue reading